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Telegram Group link“, If you are searching for this to join and do chatting, if you are looking to submit Telegram Group, then you have come to the right place. We are providing tones of 100% active exciting and trusted telegram group links where you can join easily and participate on discussion basis on particular group’s topic.

Why choose Telegram?

Why is Telegram recommended now a days? As of now, most of the everyday activities of human being depend on Technology and it is becoming just like the ruler of the world. Social Media plays the great role for doing so and Telegram is one of the mentionable social media.

In order to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, creations to some other people, to discuss among the family members, friends, colleagues, Telegram acts as a vital role and its unique features make it different as compared to other social media applications.

Telegram Group

In today’s time, social media is occupying the world from every corner. It connects the people in a network just like being in single place. Telegram is growing and one of the popular social media applications. It provides to do messaging (including text, photo, video, voice and video calling) among the friends and most importantly, one of the very useful features of Telegram is Telegram Group. Those who are everyday user of Telegram, they already know it.

Telegram Group not only provides messaging as a single to single user but also provides the facility of messaging with more than one member as a group those who are in a particular group.

Best Telegram Group

You will find here “best telegram group” links related to News, Technology, Movie, Sports, Study, Funny and Comedy, Fashion, Memes, Jokes, Entertainment, Article, Travels and Tourism and lots more. Every groups you get here are public and listed as category wise.

Telegram Group

Without delay, let’s move ahead to our main topic. Since you are looking for Telegram Links for group, so here by using following different “telegram groups”, you can join and chat whatever you want among the group members.

News Telegram Group

For those who are news lover, news editor, here you get different telegram groups related to news. You can join by using following links.

Everyday News

Join Now

Telegram News Group

Join Now

Job News

Join Now

World News

Join Now

Hindi News

Join Now

Telegram Movie Download

By watching movie we can learn lots of things. Telegram movie group provides you to explore and download different kinds of movies. So, here are telegram movie download groups for you:

Movie Download

Join Now

Telegram Movie Group

Join Now

All Movies Group

Join Now

Movies Entertainment

Join Now

Sport Telegram Group Link

It is true that Sport is good for health. So, sport telegram groups provided below let you join and discuss about sports.

Sports Knowledge

Join Now

Football Lovers Group

Join Now

Cricket Ultimate Fun

Join Now

Telegram Study Group

Let’s discuss about education and study, exams and results by using following telegram groups of study. Please note that do not share anything other than Study.

Education For Learning

Join Now

General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Join Now

News Discussion

Join Now

Gaming Telegram Group

If you are a hardcore game player and lover, then you can join to the awesome gaming telegram groups by using following links:

Game Lovers

Join Now

Telegram Gamer Group

Join Now

PUBG Warriors

Join Now

Free Fire Fun

Join Now

Funny Telegram Group

In order to have fun by having jokes and funny things, comedy, memes, you can join and share to the active funny telegram group as follows:

Ultimate Fun

Join Now

Enjoy Group

Join Now

Funny Photos & Videos

Join Now

Youtube Telegram Group

For those who are youtube video lover, youtuber, here is great opportunity for you. We are providing “youtube telegram group” by which you can join and promote your videos and channels.

Youtube Telegram

Join Now

Youtube Promotion

Join Now

Sub 4 Sub Group

Join Now

Poetry/Shayari Telegram Group

For poetry or shayari lover, one can join and share related to the mentioned topic by using following shayari telegram group links:

Shayari Loves

Join Now

Shayari Group

Join Now

Poetry Group

Join Now

Telegram Adult Group

In order to have excitement by discussing adult things, you can join and chat to the latest exciting telegram adult group provided below.

Adult Info

Join Now

18 Plus Group

Join Now

Adult Telegram Group

Join Now

Indian Telegram Group Link

To make friendship and discuss among the people of India, use the following Indian telegram group links:

Indian People

Join Now

Indian Group Telegram

Join Now

Indian and All

Join Now

USA Telegram Group

To make friendship and discuss among the people of USA, use the following USA group links of telegram:

USA People

Join Now

USA Group

Join Now

USA and All in Telegram

Join Now

General Telegram Group

Join and discuss about miscellaneous topics on Telegram, by using following general telegram links of group:

General Topic

Join Now


Join Now

All In One Group

Join Now

Submit Telegram Group

Want to promote your Telegram Group? No need to worry. You can do the same by clicking below.

Rules and Regulations of Groups

  • First read the Group’s Description.
  • Keep in mind that that do not share anything other than related group topic.
  • Be kind and respectful among the group members.
  • Don’t use abusive, violation and discrimination words.
  • Don’t send any harmful or unnecessary messages, photos and videos to the group.
  • If you don’t follow the rules and regulations of a particular group, you will be banned from the group.

Telegram Group FAQ

In this section we will look into some Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ) on creating telegram group, inviting people in a group, revoking invite link, deleting a group, making a group public, maximum number of members of a group and size of file sharing limit.

How to create Telegram Group?

  1. Open the Telegram app on mobile.
  2. Click on the three horizontal line of the top left corner > New Group.
  3. Select the members from contact list.
  4. Click on the Arrow Sign below right corner.
  5. Type the name of group.
  6. Click on the Check Mark (✓) of the below right corner.

How to invite members on Telegram Group?

By using Telegram Group Invite Link, one can invite people. To create invite link, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Group info by clicking the Group Name or Icon on the top header of the group.
  2. Click on Add Member > Invite to Group via Link.
  3. Now click on Copy Link and share on Telegram.

Note: Only Group admin can create the invite link.

How to revoke Telegram Group Invite Link?

  1. Go to Group info by clicking the Group Name or Icon on the top header of the group.
  2. Click on Add Member > Invite to Group via Link.
  3. Now click on Revoke Link > REVOKE.

Note: Only Group admin can revoke the invite link.

How to delete Telegram Group?

  1. Go to Group info by clicking the Group Name or Icon on the top header of the group.
  2. Click on three dots of the right corner.
  3. Now click on Delete and leave group > DELETE CHAT.

Note: Only Group admin can delete the group.

How to make Telegram Group Public?

  1. Go to Group info by clicking the Group Name or Icon on the top header of the group.
  2. Click on Pencil Sign > Group Type.
  3. Now click on Public Group.
  4. Below Permanent link, type the name of link as per your wish.
  5. Click on the Check Mark (✓) of the top right corner. Done!

How many members does a Telegram Group allow?

A Telegram Group allows up to 200,000 members or participants.

What is the size limit of file for sharing on Telegram?

Telegram allows maximum of 1.5 GB for file sharing.

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